Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Infant Toys & Games

Infant toys and games belong to the category of baby toys in general wherein baby toys include more subcategories such as baby book, baby mobiles, baby rattles, baby teethers, and play mats and other baby toys also. The examples of most popular children games include games like A Maze Race, Above the Below, Animal Jigsaw Puzzles, Birds Bugs 'n' Slugs Jigsaw Puzzles, Bouncing Balls Game, Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles, Christmas Shuffle, Cross the Road, Easter Jigsaw Puzzles, Egg Scramblers, Eyeball Bounce, Find the Hidden Numbers Game, Flippy Flowers, Food and Candy Jigsaw Puzzles, Food Puzzle Primary Game, Fun People Jigsaw Puzzles, Funny Word Search, Gift Bounce,  Grab It,  Halloween Puzzles, Hanukkah Puzzles, Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles, Kwanzaa Puzzles, Landscapes Jigsaw Puzzles, Learning Games, Logic Puzzle Games, Lotsa Jewels, Match the Fruits Game, Math Games, Math Picture Puzzle Game, Mixed Words Spelling Game, Nature and Flowers Jigsaw Puzzles, Ocean Life Jigsaw Puzzles, On the Shelf Word Matching Game, Pets Word Search Game, Snowball Bounce, Spooky Switcheroo, Spot the Difference Game, Spring Flowers Game, St. Patrick's Day Puzzles, Switch a Smiley, Stacking Toys, Shape Sorters, Toddler Jigsaw Puzzle, Building Blocks, Activity Center Toys, Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles, Tomato Bounce, Transportation Jigsaw Puzzles, and Treasure Flippers and Valentine's Day Puzzles etc.  

Educational Toys

Educational toys are categorized into many kinds of toys and playing items such as blocks, drawing toys, learning machine, math toys, play-dough, puppets, puzzle, toy musical instrument and toy robots including other educational toys as well. The names of some educational toys are Real World Wonders, Qfix robot kits, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Mindstorms NXT, and Ant Farm. There are also many toys train manufacturers such as Williams Electric Trains, Whittle Shortline, Voltamp, Varney Scale Models, USA Trains, Unique Art, Tri-ang Railways, Takara Tomy, Rokal, Playmobil, Penn Line Manufacturing, MTH Electric Trains, MMärklin, Minitrix, McCoy Manufacturing, Maple Landmark Woodcraft, Mamod, Louis Marx and Company, Lone Star Toys, Lionel LLC, Lionel Corporation, Lego, Leeds Model Company, K-Line, Kader, Ives Manufacturing Company, Ibertren, Hornby Railways, Hafner Manufacturing Company, G & R Wrenn, Fleischmann, Fandor, Dorfan, Dapol, Carlisle & Finch, Buddy L, BRIO, Bowser Manufacturing, Boucher Manufacturing Company, Bob Grubba, Bing, Bassett-Lowke, Bachmann Industries, and American Flyer including A. C. Gilbert Company also. The list of defunct toy manufacturers includes Yaboom Toys, Waco Toymakers, Unique Art, Trendmasters, Takatoku Toys, Skybirds, Rosso Corporation, Remco, Porter Chemical Company, Popy, Polistil, Palisades Toys, Nichols Industries, Inc., Mego Corporation, Meccano Ltd, Marvin Glass and Associates, Manoil Manufacturing Co., Louis Marx and Company, Lone Star Toys, LJN, Lionel Kiddie City, Lionel Corporation, Larami, John Hill & Company, Jesse Armour Crandall, Ives Manufacturing Company, Ideal Toy Company, Hafner Manufacturing Company, Frog, Fandor, Entertech, Eldon, Dorfan, Doepke Toys, Deluxe Reading, Crescent Toys, Clover, Chieftain Products, Charles Martin Crandall, Canada Games Company, Benbros, Barclay Manufacturing Company, Azrak-Hamway, Aurora Plastics Corporation, Auburn Rubber Company And A. C. Gilbert Company etc. 
In the world of toys and hobbies, arts and crafts are usually categorized into some basic categories that are balloons, candy toys and classic toys. Classic toys are further divided into many types including kaleidoscope, magic tricks, spinning top, windmill and other classic toys as well. Toys that are known as whistles and noisemakers include diabolos, some specific kinds of dolls, musical toys, noise makers, penny toy, rubber dolls, squeeking toys, paper toys, toy whistles, water whistles, warblers, and whistling toys tops. There are many companies which make only toy soldiers. These companies are W. Britain, Timpo, Remco, Matchbox toys, Manoil Manufacturing Co., Louis Marx and Company, Lone Star Toys, John Hill & Company, Ideal Toy Company, Elastolin, Dulcop, Crescent Toys, Britains Deetail, Benbros, Barclay Manufacturing Company and Airfix Company. Top dolls manufacturers are Zapf Creation, Walco Bead Co., Volks, Toy2R, Tonner Doll Company, Inc., Takara, Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets, Play Along Toys, Pedigree Dolls & Toys, MGA Entertainment, Merrythought, Mattel, Madame Alexander, Lundby, Ideal Toy Company, Hasbro, Galoob, Bradford Exchange and Annalee Dolls, whereas ideal toys are manufactured by Zeroids, Tressy, Total Control Racing, Toss Across, The Game of Jaws, Tammy, Shaker Maker, Robo Force, Odd Ogg, Mr. Machine, Mouse Trap, Motorific, Manglor, KerPlunk, Ideal Toy Company, Ideal Maniac, Flatsy doll, Crissy, Captain Action, Betsy Wetsy, and Alexander's Star as well as Action Boy. 

Animals & Stuffed Toys

Animals and stuffed toys are generally classified into two categories which are dolls and toy animal. Toy animals are further divided into more categories and classifications such as bath toy animal, inflatable animal toy, ride on animal toy and stuffed and plush animal including other toy animals as well. There are many types of dolls which are quite popular in all parts of the world. The most popular dolls are Ty Girlz, Saghira, Raggedy Ann, Polly Pocket, Pabel, Fulla doll, Bratz, Brass Key Keepsakes, Barbie and American Girl Doll. The examples of stuffed animals are beanie babies, build-a-bear workshop, pound puppies, real world wonders, sock monkey, squawkers McCaw, teddy bear and Webkinz. The examples of toy cars are slot cars, radio-controlled boats, radio-controlled cars as well as radio-controlled aircrafts. Toys which are based on physical activity are yo-yo, sprig toys, space pets, soap-box cart, pogo stick, nerf, moon shoes, marbles, magnet space wheel, juggling clubs, jacks, hula hoop, gee-haw whammy diddle, Frisbee, foot-bag (also known as hacky sack and dirt bag), devil sticks (also known as juggling stix), contact juggling (also known as acrylic ball), Chinese yo-yo (also known as diabolo), and bungee balls and Bilbo. Almost all types of animals and stuffed toys are quite popular among children all over the world. 

Action Toys

Action toys are broadly categorized into action figure and toy guns. As per their actual usage and making, toys are differentiated in many types such as construction sets dolls, animals, and miniatures, vehicles, puzzles including mechanical puzzles, physical activity-based toys, toys as collectibles as well those toys which are made as promotional merchandise. Action figures toys consist of xevoz, transformers, toy soldier, raks, play-mobile, jumping jack, digital pet and b-daman as well. construction toys include many playing items such as zome, xevoz, toy blocks, tog'l, tinkertoy, stikfas, stickle bricks, sprig toys-eco trucks, rokenbok, rasti, mega bloks, meccano, märklin, lincoln logs, lego, konstruk-tubes, k'nex, jovo, gami, plastic origami, fischertechnik, erector set and construx etc. Executive toys are categorized as easy button, leapfrog, marshmallow shooter executive version, Newton’s cradle and pin art. Miniaturized items include Fingerboard, Toy weapon, Toy soldiers and Toy piano as well as whereas model building toys comprise carpet railway, model aircraft, model car and model railway. There are also many toys known as model collecting toys such as corgi toy cars, dinky toy cars, hot wheels toy cars, matchbox cars, and micro machines. Puzzle or assembly toys consist of tangrams and puzzles wherein science and optical toys comprise chemistry set, etch a sketch, kaleidoscope, magna doodle, pinwheel, spinning top, view-master and zoetrope.